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Summer Running Clinic


1) Go to our registration page to sign up online for this summer's running clinic.
2) Print and fill out our waiver & emergency release forms. Please mail or hand-deliver them to Heather Hineline no later than first clinic meeting. (Contact Heather if you don't have her mailing address.) Runners who do not have the waiver and emergency release form submitted by the first day of the running clinic will not be able to participate until these documents are signed. We appreciate your understanding.


Our running clinic is a Catholic clinic for children entering grades 3 through 8. It is currently open to Catholic homeschoolers, St. Ambrose Academy students, and other students who would appreciate a Catholic, faith-filled approach to physical fitness.

Infused with our Catholic faith, our clinic not only helps our children increase speed, endurance, and technical skills, but it also inspires them to run with purpose. Running for life, our children's efforts and sacrifice translate into funds and good works for charities like the Elizabeth House.

The Frassati Runners Summer Clinic is open to all levels of runners. With parental guidance, each child selects a running level (listed below) that matches his or her current ability/interest. Runners may be encouraged to move up or down a level, if necessary, after the first day or two of the clinic.

  • Advanced Runners: Able to run on hilly terrain for 20 minutes or more...
  • Intermediate Runners : Able to run on hilly terrain for 10 minutes or more...
  • Beginning Runners: New runners. This group will mix plenty of walking with short periods of running to gradually increase endurance.

In year's past, the following has served as our daily schedule. After you register online, you will be emailed the specific schedule for our season.

  • 7:55 am - Arrive
  • 8:00 am - Check-in
  • 8:05 am - Fun warm-up games
  • 8:15 am - Motivating discussion of patron saint
  • 8:20 - Stretching
  • 8:25 - RUN (Break into individual ability groups)
    • Group A (may be two levels combined): -
      Tuesdays: Time trials, followed by running games
      Thursdays: Straight run
    • Group B (may be two levels combined): -
      Tuesdays: Straight run
      Thursdays: Time trials, followed by running games
  • 8:55 - Post-run discussion & closing prayer
  • 9:00 - Clinic ends (approximately one hour duration)
  • After the clinic - Runners may wish to stay at the park and socialize with friends.

Please contact our program directors with any questions about the Summer Running Clinic:

In addition to the directors listed above, we have an amazing team of high schoolers and college students who help to organize and run each session of Frassati Runners. These students mentor and actively run alongside our Frassati Runners at each clinic session, coaching them to be the best they can be. Please join us in thanking these older students—many of them Frassati Runners alumni as well as current high school and college athletes—for their dedication and enthusiastic service.

In year's past, we have had special guest appearances from VIP runners, such as Msgr. Jim Bartylla; cross country Coach Patrick Hardyman; and U.S. Army officer, Bill Coppernoll.

We also gratefully accept the support of on-site parents who wish to help with childcare or with directing our runners on the trail. Parents who just wish to "get in a run" are always welcome to join us as well.


1. Check made out to Frassati Runners to cover clinic costs. (See registration form for specifics on fees.) Give the check to Heather, Angela, or Elizabeth.
2. Emergency form and waiver, filled out for all your children. Give the forms to Heather, Angela, or Elizabeth. Runners without these forms may not participate.

1. Water bottle for each child, labeled with name.
2. Quality running shoes
3. Extra pair of socks for each child if there is a threat of rain


1. Stay hydrated and eat well. This does not mean chowing down a granola bar and guzzling water on your way to the clinic or as you arrive. You should hydrate yourself well (water is best) at least an hour before you arrive at clinic. (If you are well-hydrated, your urine will be almost clear or very pale in color.) Likewise, you should eat a healthy breakfast no closer than an hour before your run. See specific hydration and healthy eating tips here.
2. Warm-up and stretch before running! We will do warm-ups and stretches in clinic. But when you run at home, be sure you warm up and stretch too. Move around a bit before you being stretching. Appropriate running stretches can be reviewed here.
3. Wear good quality running shoes to help protect your joints.